#19 Math Minute: Last Post Before Pi Day

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 6.44.16 PM

We’ve had some really creative Pi creations lately!

The badge pictured above was created by Aiden, 5th grader at Rockbrook.

Check out this trio of 6th graders from Loveland.  Kind of a catchy tune don’t you think?

On the same lines of signing the digits of Pi, Erin from Loveland shared this fun Dance of the Sugar Pi Fairy Video.

2nd grader, Trea, at Sunset created a Pi Collage.


This Paddock Road student painted her nails with the digits of Pi.  How cool is that?!


Do you believe you’ve earned the Pi Badge?  There’s still a few days left (Pi Day is on Monday, 3-14).  If you believe you’ve earned the Pi Badge, contact the EY coordinator at your building and a badge will be delivered.

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