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Stumper of the Week #5


Math Starters and Stumpers by Marcy Cook

Seagulls were on the beach when a boat horn scared them.  Half the number flew away but one returned.  Another blast made half the number fly away, but one returned.  If the number of seagulls at the end is equal to the beginning number, how many seagulls were there?

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Full STEAM Ahead #13: Cubes in Space!

Have you ever wondered what would happen to an everyday item when it travels to space?  With the help of the Cubes in Space program, you no longer just have to wonder!  This unique opportunity provides students ages 11-18 a chance to send their experiment into the realms of space via the Sounding Rocket or Space Balloon.

Ok, so you’ve just found out that you get a cube and have the chance to take your experiment to new heights.  What would your experiment be?  What would you be testing?  What materials would you use?  What impact would this have on our lives here on Planet Earth?  Leave a comment with your idea!  Stumped?  Check out the student videos below that showcase ideas that got selected and launched into space!

For more information about the Cubes in Space program, check out their website at this link!

Full STEAM Ahead #12: Reflect On Your Hour Of Code


Hundreds of students across the 10 Westside elementary schools  (and millions around the world) took part in last week’s Hour Of Code challenge.  If you happened to be one of those students, why not take a few minutes to reflect on your experience as a coder?  Check out this timeline website for questions to get your brain into full reflection mode.   Challenge yourself to answer at least 3 parts of the timeline, but feel free to do more!  Email them to your EY Coordinator, or leave them as comments to this post.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to participate in the Hour Of Code, fear not!  Check out the website and begin your coding adventure today!   Don’t forget to come back and reflect on your experience once your hour is complete!


Hour Of Code Coming Soon!



Well, since the “T” in STEAM stands for technology, it seemed only right that a post goes up about the Hour Of Code event happening worldwide next week (Dec. 7th – 13th).  Head over to to get in on the coding fun and who knows, maybe even begin your career in the computer sciences!

While you are anxiously waiting for to begin, why not dig into information on coding and all things computer?  Perhaps you find yourself wondering how the internet works?  Or maybe you’ve always dreamed of sitting down with Mark Zuckerberg to learn a few programming tips and tricks.  Now you can!  Here is a link to videos that will get your brain wrapped around those intriguing topics and more!

Leave a comment about something new you learned or something that wowed you through your Hour Of Code experience or from watching the videos.

Happy Coding!