Extreme Math Update

reminder_handThe Extreme Math Day originally scheduled for April 15 has been moved to May 13 due to NeSA testing. We are planning an exciting day!  Make sure to continue to do your weekly Math Minutes for an opportunity to attend!


9:30: Greeting & Extreme Problems

10:00: Sprint Round for “Romans”
10:00: Problem Solving for “Arabic”

10:30: Sprint Round for Arabic
10:30: Problem Solving for Romans

11:00: Extreme Problems for both Arabic and Romans

11:15: Lunch

11:45: Team Round
11:45: Leap Frog (2 students per team)

12:15: Math Quiz Bowl

12:40: Awards

1:00: Back to School

3 thoughts on “Extreme Math Update

  1. I think everybody was waiting for April 15 but the nesa is very important and you get more time to get stuff done.

  2. Hey, does anyone know how we can qualify to participate? Does this mean all we have to do is math minutes? This sounds like a lot of fun!

    1. Yep! Complete the Math Minutes and you’re likely to qualify to participate! Just make sure and do this week’s test (April 20).

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