February 9 Math Minute

Today’s math minute deals with the classes you can take at the high school! Also you find out who the mysterious poster was from a couple of weeks back!

Watch these videos to see the classes offered at Westside High School!

Part 1

Part 2

How can you spend your Math Minutes this week?
  1. After watching the videos, research an area of math that interests you.
  2. Ask a parent or grown up how math is used in their daily routing.

*Information found from 2014 Warrior Handbook

13 thoughts on “February 9 Math Minute

  1. I did 2. I learned a lot. My mom, who is a graphic designer uses ratios, and dimensions to create designs in her job. She also uses measurements while cooking.

    1. We have been doing geometry in math lately and I think I would like to take a class like that when I get older and in that grade.

  2. I learned that when you’re a freshman you take a geometry test. Then you can do these algebra classes. First there is algebra 1, but there is also algebra 2 which is advanced algebra. Also there are computer classes. One way we use math in real life is for special events because we have rows of seats. Another one is for building because you need to put it on paper and you need the right amount of materials.

  3. I did #1. An area of math that interested me was number theory. It is the study of all the positive whole numbers. The thing they do in number theory is looking at these natural numbers and finding relationships they have, like the odds, evens, squares, cubes, primes, composites, and lots more. It’s really interesting!

    1. My dad makes programs in work and makes maps which he uses geometry. My mom uses math when she cooks and at work when she makes splints. I also learned what a straightedge was used for in geometry.

  4. My mom is an architect and uses a bit of everything in her blueprints to ensure that all designs are stable and possible to construct while still appealing to the owner’s preferences.

  5. I want to take pre algebra in middle school so I can be good at algebra in semester 1 and/or 2 it sounds awesome!

  6. I would want to do geomotry because it looked interesting like shapes like hexagon for instinst even though it will be much harder when your older but you got to challenge yourself that’s why your in math minute because you take challenges and put the effort into it

  7. I watched both videos and both interested me. I am a fourth grader and I won’t be taking any of these classes until 7th grade (Algebra 1) and so it’s nice to know what’s coming up. My older brother will be taking pre-calculus and next year as a 7th grader, and is way ahead of his friends in math. I’m wondering what he will do as a Sophmore in high school when he has passed all of those classes.

  8. I am interested in computer programming and learned that Charles Babbage invented it in 1830. Using punched cards to work his Analytical engine.

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