March 9 Math Minute

“You know, you can think of almost everything as a math problem!”

This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books…The Math Curse by Jon Scieszka.  On any given day, I will say this exact quote to my boys and make up a math problem to go along with what we’re doing.  Check out the pictures below to see some example problems.

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How can you spend your Math Minutes this week?

  • Listen to/watch The Math Curse by clicking here.  Several math problems are presented throughout the book.  Leave a comment by answering one of the questions.  In your comment, include the time in the video, the question that is being asked, and your answer.
  • Pretend you are the character in the book and make up a new math problem for someone to solve.  Type your problem in the comment section, but don’t type the answer.  See if someone else can answer it correctly.  Don’t forget to check back and see if they answered it correctly.  If you try to answer someone else’s problem, make sure to put the name of the student who wrote the problem.
  • Take a picture of something and write a math problem to go along with it.  Send the picture to the EY coordinator at your building and we will post it on our Student Showcase Wiki.  Check out Harrison’s problem and Emma’s problem and answer their questions by leaving a comment.

Remember when posting a comment, type your first name, grade, and school (i.e. Tyler, 5, Sunset).  Do not publish your email.

31 thoughts on “March 9 Math Minute

  1. The fraction of how many baseball cupcakes is 3/12 because there’s 12 cupcakes in all and 3 of them are baseball cupcakes so the fraction is 3/12

  2. You will each get half a baseball cupcake because if you divide one into two there two then the next one it would be 4 then 6 because the last cupcake so each get half

  3. There would be 3/12 baseball cupcakes because there’s 12 in all and 3 are baseballs and all of your family would get 2 per person because 12 divided by 6 would equal 2.

  4. 3/12 of the cupcakes are baseballs. Each person in your family would get 2 cupcakes, because their are 6 people in your family.

  5. At 4 minutes into the video there is a problem that is if the math madness goes on for a year how many minutes is that? 365x24x60=525,600 min.

  6. At about 4 minutes into the Math Curse, her sister asks what’s wrong. She responds by saying “365 days times 24 hours times 60 seconds”. If her problem lasted for a year, she would be cursed for 525,600 minutes.

  7. The pattern was to add a new one on the bottom and the mistake you made was on the last one when you forgot the orange and the white

  8. You’re mistake was that you forgot an orange ring after the red ring and a white ring after the green ring. The pattern was that the next pole would have one more different color on the bottom of the stack.

  9. For the blocks, you forgot the white AND the orange for the last one. For the gas discount, you had a $1.92 discount. Each person gets two cupcakes, and 1/4 of them are baseballs.

  10. I realized that each would get 2 because there’s 6 and 12 in all so 12 divided by 6 would be 2 I realized because I thought it meant how much would each person get of the baseball cupcakes but it meant all unless it didn’t

  11. The time of the video was 5:36. The first question I found was, ‘How many minutes are in an hour?’ There are 60 minutes in an hour. The time was about 0:50.

  12. I liked Harrison and Emma’s problems! Good work, guys. The answers to your questions are: in the last row of bead-ish things with the black at the bottom is missing the orange bead, which messed the whole thing up., you’re 0 miles away from a palindrome… 0 is a palindrome., You got a $1.691 discount on gas., Each member in your family will get 2 cupcakes.

  13. The pattern is blue, green, white then add another color. You messed up when you didn’t put orange or white

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