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2021-22 EY Challenge #3

Prosthetic Hands

Please follow these steps to complete this challenge:
1.  Read the article and answer the quiz questions.
2.  Watch the video on 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands

3.  Create a product based on your learning.  Below are a few tutorials if you need an idea.  NOTE:  Always ask for adult permission/supervision when using tools like hot glue guns, scissors, etc.
Make a video of your product and/or take pictures of it in use.  Upload your project to your drive and make it sharable.  Copy the link and paste it in the Google Submission Form:
This challenge closes October 15.

2021-22 EY Challenge #2

Another Bitsbox Challenge

Thank you to those of you who tried the first EY Challenge of the year.  If you did, this challenge is an extension of that.  If you didn’t do the first challenge, no worries.  This video should help you get started.  Also, here are some basic steps:

1. Draw a picture on paper or using an app on your iPad.    Start with something simple like an animal. I drew this cow using Drawing Pad.  Take a picture of your drawing or take a screenshot.

2.  Go to Safari and type in and in the upper right corner select “kids sign in” and use your Westside Google Account to sign in

3.  From there, the video below should walk you through the steps.

This code is in the video, but here is another copy of what you’ll be typing in on Bitsbox.

Don’t forget to submit your work!

This challenge closes September 24

EY Submission Form Link:

2021-22 EY Challenge #1

Welcome to the 2021-22 School Year!

The EY Team is excited to offer challenges again this year!  Check out Challenge #1 for the 2021-22 school year by visiting the website linked below and/or watching the video for instructions.

When you’re done, submit your work using the Google Submission Form.

Website Directions for Challenge #1:  Creating your own stamp in Bitsbox

Video Directions for Challenge #1:  Link

Don’t forget to submit your work!

This challenge closes September 3

EY Submission Form Link:

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #22: Doodling

Doodle and Learn!

Vi Hart is one of my absolute favorite mathematicians and doodlers (I’m sure she has many more talents, but those 2 are the ones I admire the most).  Watch some, part, all of the videos below and create a doodle for this week’s weekly challenge (also probably the last challenge for the 2020-21 school year).  Don’t forget to submit your doodle using the link below!


Submit Your Work Here:

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #20: Engineers Week

For this week’s Weekly Challenge, you’ll have an opportunity to learn about various types of Engineers, complete some math problems, and possibly win PRIZES!
  • There will be 5 problems posted this week (linked below) and each problem has multiple parts.  You can submit your answers to the problems anytime during EWeek (Feb 21-27), so don’t panic if you get started late!
  • Each correct answer you get will be a ticket in that day’s prize drawing.
  • Everyone who participates will be entered in a prize drawing! Submit answers to at least one Problem of the Day and you’ll be entered to win, even if you don’t get correct answers.
  • Each individual prize drawing winner will get a $10 Amazon gift card and each group drawing winner will receive a $50 gift card to the MATHCOUNTS store!

Monday’s Problem (Environmental Engineering):

Tuesday’s Problem (Systems Engineering):

Wednesday’s Problem (Software Engineering):

Thursday’s Problem (Aerospace Engineering):

Friday’s Problem (Chemical Engineering):

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #19: Cold Weather Science Experiments

Below Zero Temperatures = Science Experiments!

For this week’s Weekly Challenge, try one of these Cold Weather Science Experiments and figure out if it’s real or a myth!  Don’t forget to share your results!

  1. Freezing Soap Bubbles: Head outside with some bubble solution and blow some bubbles!  NOTE:  Try heating up the bubble solution in the microwave beforehand.  You can make your own bubble solution with 2 cups of water, half a cup of dish soap, and 2 teaspoons sugar.
  2. Banana Hammer: Hang a banana outside for a few hours and it will freeze solid-solid enough for you to be able to hammer actual nails with it.
  3. Make An Ice Thrower: Fill a Super Soaker with boiling water and then shoot it out into the cold.  When very hot water meets very cold air, the water vaporizes, turning it into ice crystals…essentially, homemade snow.  Don’t have a Super Soaker, just use the pot you boiled the water in.
  4. Freeze-Fry An Egg: Don’t actually eat it, but leave a frying pan outside for about 15 minutes and then crack an egg into it.  What happens?
  5. Instant Freeze Water – Bottle Slam

If none of these experiments catch your interest, a simple Google search for “Cold Weather Science” will display several options.  Have fun and don’t forget to submit your learning!

Submit Your Work Here:

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #18: Engineering a Snow Creation


For this week’s Weekly Challenge, submit your best snow person/people, forts, and/or other snow creations!   The EY Team’s top faves will be entered in a drawing for a cash prize!

Learn about the engineering behind snow building by watching the videos below.  Scroll to the bottom to find the link for submitting this week’s Weekly Challenge!  Have fun!

NOTE:  Since elementary students are no longer bringing their iPads home and cannot receive an email from someone outside the district, one workaround is to have a parent or sibling take a picture on their phone and then have them email it to your EY Coordinator or classroom teacher.  Just make sure to have them to make a note in the message that the picture is for a Weekly Challenge. Then, the EY Coordinator or classroom teacher could forward the message to your Westside Gmail account. This obviously creates more work, but it’s one workaround.

Submit Your Work Here:

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #17: Roller Coasters

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Rollercoasters are all about physics! Unlike most moving vehicles, cars, trains, and buses that rely on engines, rollercoasters rely on gravitational potential energy. What goes up, must come down.
For this week’s Weekly Challenge, you will be building your own roller coaster.  Visit the Instructables website linked below to find templates you can print and cut out.  Or, use your own materials and come up with your own design.  Get creative and don’t forget to share your work using the submission link below!

Instructables Website (with instructions and templates):

Submit Your Work Here:

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #16: Intro to Opera

Art requires creativity and imagination and enhances flexibility, adaptability, productivity, responsibility and innovation – all required skills for a successful career in any field of study.  
The ‘A’ in STEAM represents ‘Art’ which includes music.


For this week’s Weekly Challenge, you’ll have an opportunity to explore the world of opera.  There are several different learning choices.  Pick as many activities as you’d like and then demonstrate your learning by creating a product.

You are welcome to find other resources of your own.  Have fun!

Submit Your Work Here:

NOTE:  There is a Marvelous World of Opera badge available if you’re interested.  Get a copy of the recording sheet here: