Pearson SuccessNet, Puffin Academy, & Khan Academy

Here is the link to a webpage with sign up info for Freckle, Khan, and Pearson Success net


Other resources:

Click here for a Pearson SuccessNet cheat sheet
Video:  Setting up a New Class in Pearson (1:47)

Video:  Assigning Topic Pre-Tests and Lesson Checks (5:32)

Video:  Pearson Training (6:07)

This training video walks though how to assign Topic Tests (to be used as pre-tests) and individual lesson quizzes. It also shows the student view with these items and finally, the teacher view once the students have taken the tests.

Video:  Khan Academy Setup (6:41)

Students: How to Access the Pearson Online Text with the Puffin Academy App

Step 1

Set up your online Pearson SuccessNet account

  • Add your products
  • Add your students
  • Assign quizzes and tests
  • Print out your student log in roster

Step 2

Teach your children how to access Pearson via Puffin and how to navigate the site.

Step 3

Determine what pretest you would like to use

  • Form a/b from Envision   (hand scored) question alignment can be found in your teacher’s manual or click here (add link)
  • Online pre-test found in pearson (scored for you)  (show how to find this)

Step 4

  • Use a class list and mark the lessons along the top.
  • For each student mark the lessons that the student will need to complete (Add picture)
  • Determine what group each child will attend for this topic based on the pre-test score.
  • Create a list of children for each group.
  • Cut strips for each child doing enrichment and  attach to enrichment materials for the topic.

Step 5

  • Collect Enrichment materials for the students to use when they are not responsible for the lesson.
  • NOTES: How do the kids get instruction for the topics?
    • Direct instruction
    • Pearson Success Net videos
    • Read the lesson from the book
    • watch a Khan Academy video