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#5 Full STEAM Ahead: Paper Airplanes

paper-plane Image from https://pixabay.com/en/paper-plane-origami-paper-plane-147602/

No matter what your age, an experience almost all of us share is folding paper airplanes.  My friend Dr. Lindgren shared this site with me on how to fold the world’s best paper airplane.  After browsing the Internet some more, I came across 10paperairlplanes.com which explains how to make…you guessed it…10 paper airplanes.

Here are some resources to get you thinking about Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math as they relate to Paper Airplanes!

  • Watch this video on Lift, Weight, Thrust, Drag & Design by Wesley Fryer.  Build one of the paper airplanes demonstrated in the video and try it out!  Have a friend help you record a video of your plane flying.  Send the video to your EY coordinator.
  • Check out this video on the Aerodynamics of Flight.  It talks about  Lift, Thrust, Weight, and Drag.  After watching the video, post a comment about something new you learned.
  • Organize a class Paper Airplane Flying Competition.  After researching and designing the perfect paper airplane, you can judge the competition in a variety of categories like longest flight time, most artistic design, farthest flight, etc.  Create a table to organize the data and summarize the results.  Take pictures/video of the top airplanes in each category and send to the EY coordinator in your building.
  • Did you come across any other resources during this Full STEAM Ahead learning opportunity?  Please share by leaving a comment below!