Science Mini Spark #11

Microbes that Could Eat your Trash

Each year humanity produces roughly 400 million tons of plastic, 80% of which is discarded as trash. Of that plastic waste, only one-tenth is recycled. 60% gets incinerated or goes into the landfills, and 30% leaks out into the environment. Fortunately, there are microbes that may be able to take a bite out of this growing problem.

After watching this video, answer these questions in an interview format. You are the interviewer and the interviewee is a plastic starfish.

How are man made polymers different than those found in nature ?

What are some common forms of plastic?

How do you break plastic’s chemical bonds?

What  never before identified bacteria was found in the lab from this video.

Why type of engineers worked on the project to create super enzymes?

What was discovered in Japan?

Turn your work in to the EY coordinator to earn this mini spark.

New Enzyme Sets a Speed Record

If you want to read about a new discovery check this out!!! This article is from May 2022.

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