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Language Arts Mini Spark #70 Why is there a “B” in doubt?

Cat- C-A-T     Dog. D-O-G

Not all words have spellings that are as clear and easy to remember as these two. Watch this TED ED video about why there is a “B” in doubt.


Record all of the forms of doubt and double from the video. Do research to add more words to your list that were not mentioned.

Make an ABC book with a word for each letter that includes a silent letter.

Read this information page about Latin. Record several important details as you read.

Read more about silent letters at Wonderopolis. Take the Wonder Word Challenge or Test Your Knowledge when you are done reading.

2021-22 EY Challenge # 8

Countdown to Summer!

Summer is almost here and this EY Challenge is going to help you think of different ways to express and think of the numbers 20 to 1 as we countdown to summer!

Task:  Create a Google Slides presentation, Pic Collage, or use any other app on your iPad to create a graphic for 20 days, 19 days, 18 days, etc. (see picture below). NOTE:  If you don’t start this challenge until later this week or next week (or the following week), you don’t have to go back and do the ones that have already passed.  BUT, in order to be included in the prize drawing, you have to complete at least 15 days total.

When you are finished with your 15+ days, you can email them to Dr. Spady at spady.lynn @

Some resources that might help you…

Science Mini Spark #10 Scared of Snakes?

Visit this video and learn more about vipers without having to actually see one in person. 

Choose a project below to create to earn this mini spark. 

* The word “Viper” comes from what term, meaning giving birth to live young? Make a definition page with this word with the definition and five other interesting words from the video.

* What allows the viper’s fangs to be extra long? Research snake fangs and create a pic collage or other visual with your findings. 

* How does the snake’s rattle make noise? Draw a pictures showing this process. 

Share your work with your teacher or your EY coordinator.


Author Visit at WMS-April 7

“My stories are 6.8 parts fiction and 3.2 parts crazy stories from my life. I guess that’s what happens when I make bets with my stepson and end up in a BMX race . . . or I pretend to be a monkey in a treetop adventure with my daughters . . . or I get caught in a thunderstorm with my husband on a bike several miles from the nearest town. The list goes on . . .”

Quote from Angela Welch Prusia:

Come meet Angela and learn about her journey as a writer of young adult novels.  She will have novels available for purchase ($10 each).  Check out the flier below!
If you are interested in attending this workshop, email Dr. Spady at spady.lynn at


Language Arts Mini Spark #69 ULTIMATE Writing Challenge

When reading a favorite story take some time to notice the length of the sentences you are reading. Writers often use a variety of sentence lengths to create a rhythm.

Using long sentences with lots of details, short and sweet to the point sentences, and combined with mid length sentences will make your story flow.

To complete this mini spark watch this video and complete the 12 sentence story challenge.

Turn your story into your teacher or EY coordinator.

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Engineering Seminar Friday, March 18: Grades 7-8

Come meet the Nebraska Engineering Ambassadors and see how they are redefining the conventional ideas surrounding science, technology, engineering, and math!

During this 1-hour seminar, participants will learn the ups and downs of roller coaster design and the physics and engineering behind roller coasters.
To attend this 1 hour seminar, send an email to Dr. Spady at spady.lynn at to reserve your spot.