#15 Spheres with Pi

Learn about how Pi relates to cylinders, cones, and spheres in this math mini spark.

Spark your math thinking!

  1. Set up your math mini spark recording page: #15 Spheres with Pi
  2. Watch this video. Practice drawing the sphere with the teacher on your recording page. Record 3-5 other details from the video.
  3.  Read about cylinders, cones, and spheres. Answer the questions the show up as ????  with a blue background and keep moving along the teaching journey.
  4. Read this teaching page that shows how to calculate the surface area of a sphere. Record the steps on your recording sheet.
  5. Share your math mini spark recording page with your teacher/EY coordinator.

21 thoughts on “#15 Spheres with Pi

  1. My pi day is 386,262, my sister’s is 14,294, and my mom’s is 18,048.
    That was a really cool website by the way.

  2. My Pid Day is 86,323 and got a rough 6th place for closest pi day with my friends. Edie got first with 3,859 and Marigold and Jaydn have last place with 244,244. I’m pretty much in the middle. I wonder what Mrs.Spady’s is.

  3. Edie’s pi day is 3,859, which was the smallest in my math group. Jadyn and Marigold’s pi day is 244,244 which was the highest. My pi day was 88,587. I didn’t know there were so many digits!

  4. In are group of math students William’s pi day was 97,257. Evan’s pi day wass 51,191. My pi day was 33,931.

  5. In my math group with Mrs.Spady, I learned that my Pi digit is 7,357. In this study, I learned that Pi goes on and on and on. If you were to own the first digit of Pi, your birthday would be 1-4-15.

  6. In our 5th grade group at Loveland we tallied all of our groups Pi Days. Justus had the earliest Pi Day with 30,268 where Cameron had the latest Pi Day with 262,288. I had the third lowest number with 33,235.

  7. In our fifth grade group at Loveland we tallied all of our group members’ pi day. Justus had the earliest pi day of 30,268.

  8. At our 5th grade class at Loveland, Justus with 30,268 had the smallest Pi Day and Cameron with 262,288 had the biggest Pi Day.

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