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Stumper of the Week #11


As the trees begin to sprout and bloom, here is a new stumper for you…

Write the word acorn.  Drop the second and last letters.  Add an e.  Add a in the middle.  Double the last letter.  Reverse the first two letters.  Add a after the a, and divide the letters into two words that spell the result of a buried acorn.

Email Ms Skaggs with your answer!  🙂

Bright Ideas Calendar  McDonald Publishing 1991

Stumper of the Week #8


June 28, 1921

On this day in history, bridge builder Joseph Strauss submits his finished plans for the Golden Gate Bridge to city officials in San Francisco.  Some people worry that the bridge will spoil the natural beauty of the landscape.  After spending a dozen years convincing people that the bridge should be built, Strauss noted, “The value of an idea depends not only on the sweat you put into thinking it up, but also on the sweat you put into getting people to accept it.”  The Golden Gate Bridge is famous not only for its beauty but also for its span of 4,200 feet.

Challenge:  With your teacher’s permission, measure the longest hallway in your school and figure out how many times the hallway could be laid end to end on the span of the Golden Gate Bridge.  You could also do this with a hallway at home and compare.  Email Ms. Skaggs with your findings!

Day-By-Day Math  Susan Ohanian  Math Solutions Publications  2000

Stumper of the Week #5


Math Starters and Stumpers by Marcy Cook

Seagulls were on the beach when a boat horn scared them.  Half the number flew away but one returned.  Another blast made half the number fly away, but one returned.  If the number of seagulls at the end is equal to the beginning number, how many seagulls were there?

Email Ms. Skaggs to check your answer!