#54: Multiplication

Multiplication. It is one of the four types of operations you learned in math (along with addition subtraction and division). There are many different ways to multiply numbers. However, sometimes, multiplying really big numbers can be a challenge. Luckily, there are many different techniques you can use to solve large multiplication problems.

How can you spend your Math Minutes this week?

  1. Watch this video about multiplying using lines. Post a comment about something new you learned.  When leaving a comment, type your first name, grade level, and school (i.e. Trevor, 3, Sunset).  Do not type in your email address.
  2. Print out (or have your teacher print out) this worksheet. Use the method in the video to come up with answers to multiplication problems. You can check your answers on the second page of the worksheet. If you feel comfortable with those problems and want to try multiplying bigger numbers, then print out this worksheet.
  3. Want to learn another math trick? Watch this video for a way to check the answers to your multiplication problems you solved in the worksheets.
  4. Use the app Explain Everything to do the problems. Draw out the pictures and send them to your EY coordinator.

*Lesson inspired by multiplication lessons from East Asian schools

11 thoughts on “#54: Multiplication

  1. I learned that by drawing intersecting lines, you can multiply numbers. Also, I went on to the zeros and larger numbers video and learned that too!

  2. I never thought there would be an easier way to do this multiplication, but I learned you can use intersecting lines. It’s really cool! I also watched the video about using bigger numbers and ones with 0 in the digits. I might actually start using this instead of regular multiplication.

  3. I learned that you can use lines to multiply numbers. It was super simple and I think I will use this trick to do many multiplication problems.

  4. I tried using the method to find 14*12. My answer was 168. I thought this method was really cool to use. I had never seen this before then I watched Abby do it one day and I thought it was a really interesting method to use when multiplying. (Just to make sure I did the actual multiplication and got the same answer.)

  5. The multiplying lines and the casting out nines tricks are quick and easy ways to do and check math.

  6. I learned about the Fibonacci Sequence. This a series of numbers that has a very unique pattern to it. To find the next number in the pattern, you just have to add the two numbers behind the unknown number. For example, 0,1,1,2,3,5,n. To find n, just add the two numbers behind it. So 5+3=8 therefore n=8.

    Cool Facts I learned
    •This is nature’s numbering system
    •It is named after a mathmetician
    •It was known by people in India along time ago

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