#45: High Tech Cars


Check out this video of Sam Schmidt’s High-Tech modified corvette!  The 3 minute video is chock-full of speeds, measurements, and high-tech components!  Imagine being able to drive a car without the use of your hands and legs!

How can you spend your Math Minutes this week?
  • Watch the video: https://youtu.be/zP_ciOqxEMw
  • Post a comment about any of the numbers mentioned in the video (speeds, measurements, etc.).  Be sure to read the other comments before posting to make sure you’re not repeating someone else’s post.  When leaving a comment, use your first name, grade, and school (i.e. Trevor, 3, Sunset).
  • Read this article to find out more about Sam Schmidt and the semi-autonomous motorcar he drove.  Post a comment about something new you learned or a new question you have after reading the article.

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18 thoughts on “#45: High Tech Cars

  1. Wow, that is interesting! He can control the car with movements of his head. Soon, he was moving at about 800 miles per hour! It reacts to the sensors in about 0.01 of a second, as fast as a lightning bolt! Its GPS tracker is as accurate as 5 inches. If it goes out of control, the computers take over to keep him safe.

  2. I learned that he could have head movements reflect and it goes on to a computer system almost the speed of light and to the side was turn and backward was accelerate. Also it would react in 0.01 seconds about the speed of a lightning strike. On only his second try he exceeded 80 mph and now is going past 100mph. He has a GPS so he can stay safe and if the car goes off course the car steers it back on the track.

  3. This video is about a paralyzed man who hasn’t driven a racecar in 14 years. The SAM (semi-autonomous motorcar) has a computer system so the driver can tilt his head to steer and accelerate. It was very interesting that the driver could bite down to make the car brake or stop.

  4. I think that’s so cool that he can steer with his head and if he bites, it can brake the car. It’s also cool how there is a GPS and a safety system. I wish I could have that car.

  5. The speed from the head movement to camera to computer is almost the speed of light! 170,000 miles a minute.

  6. The information relay speed was 170,000 Miles per second and the speed of light is 186,000 Miles per second there is a 16,000 Miles per hour difference

  7. Wow! He can cover 15 ft in 0.1 seconds. For that speed you have to be going really fast!

  8. Wow he is only using head movement. To brake, he bites the sensor with 60-80 lbs. Car responds as fast as 0.1 seconds fast as lightning striking.

  9. If he can drive about a cars length in a tenth of a second he can move about the whole track in about 3 minutes !

  10. I learned that the speed of figuring it out so the car will do what the head movement is almost as fast as light. It is 170,000 miles per second.

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