Science Mini Spark #4 Oil Eating Bacteria?

Researchers developed an inexpensive test to identify oil-eating bacteria that can clean up crude oil spills.

Watch this video about an oil spill, and

how we try to clean it up using bacteria.

Read this article to learn more about this topic. Pay close attention to the vocabulary words in the article. The meanings are listed on the last page if you need them.

Create a chatter pic to show what you learned


1. Find Chatter pic in manager

2. Make the main character a bacteria. You can draw it or find a picture.

2. Choose two of these questions to answer.  Write out your answer on paper before recording your video.

*Why is is bad when crude oil gets into the environment?
*Why do conventional methods of cleaning up oil spills present us with a problem?
What is a better alternative to conventional clean up methods?
What does a higher intensity of the red color of the Nile say about the oil-eating ability of  the bacteria in the new test?
What were the results of the Red Nile test?

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