Science Mini Spark #19 Flamingos with Bad Knees

Read the fact card and other information at National Geographic Kids to review flamingo facts.
Go along with two cute flamingos as they attend their hydrotherapy session to help them heal.  Hydrotherapy is the use of exercises in a pool as part of treatment for conditions such as arthritis or back pain.


To earn this Science Mini Spark choose one of these projects to complete
-Write a mini flamingo dairy from the point of view of one of the flamingos from the video. Include 3 entries. Talk about the relationship with the zookeeper, the therapy, as well as the stingray encounter.
-Learn about several species of Flamingos and make a list  of 8-10 facts for each one.
-The flamingos in the video at the zoo have different experiences than flamingos in the wild. Do research and create an information page comparing and contrasting the two groups.  Use this image as a guide.



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