Science Mini Spark #21 Solar Eclipse

Is an eclipse worth seeing? You bet! On April 8, 2024, the Moon’s shadow fell on Earth, creating a total solar eclipse across North America, and if you had the chance to see it in person that is amazing. You can find videos of it online if you missed it. It’s an amazing coincidence that total eclipses happen at all — and that we’re alive at a time when we can see and predict them. So join us to find out everything you need to know before watching an eclipse.

To earn this mini spark choose one project to create

Use the dates from the video mini timeline about the history of eclipses.

Create a teaching page about a pinhole camera projector and how to make one and how it works.

Use the information from the video to write a step by step that explains what to expect during an eclipse.

Use the vocabulary words from the video to create a mini eclipse dictionary page.




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