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Conference are next week!  I will split my time between Oakdale, Prairie Lane, and Swanson.  I will visit any conferences that I can when I am in the building.   I might not be at the building when you have conferences, but we can chat on the phone or you can visit me at one of my other schools.   Please email me if you would like to set up a time to talk.

Tuesday            Swanson  1:15-4:45 (in the media center)    

                             Prairie Lane 5:00-8:00 (in the special services office )

Wednesday    Oakdale  1:15-4:45

                            Prairie Lane  5:00-8:00   (in the special services office)
This week we were busy making our final project Keynotes. After creating the slides that outline the problem solving process, the children will record his/her voice explaining the steps.  We will finish up with these next week, and we will get them posted for parents to view. Due to Outdoor Ed, a few of grade 6 students needed a little more time, and will finish up after intercession.  It was fun to hear about the ODE adventures!Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 8.23.57 PM

Our last problem solving  lesson of the quarter will be working with problems that involve consecutive integers.

Find two consecutive integers whose sum is 45.

Let x = the smaller of the two numbers.

x + 1 = the larger of the two numbers.

The sum of the two numbers equals 45.

Write out the equation: x + (x + 1) = 45

2x + 1 = 45

2x = 44

x = 22

                               The smaller of the two numbers is 22, so the other number is 23

The strategy for grade 4 students is “guess and check”, and the older students worked on combining like terms and solving for x. These are problems that are sometimes tricky, so it was fun to work few a few together.

Here is a video fro Khan that shows an extension of this topic by looking for the sum of odd consecutive integers.

The Grade 6 Drawing From the Inside Seminar  will be held on Tuesday October 15.  We had 36 spots and they were filled quickly.  Mrs. Spady and I will attend the seminar, as well.  Lunch and transportation will be provided. This is a early release day, so please look over the email sent by Mrs. Spady for details on bus drop off times. There will be similar opportunities offered to grades 4-6  this school year.

We have a couple of math competitions for 4th (Marrs Magnet Center) and 6th (McMillian Middle School) coming up in November. Unfortunately, we cannot take all of the students, so we will have mini contests to determine the participants.   We will send permission letters when we have the teams determined. I have set up a collection of problem solving practice on blackboard under the “strategies” button.

Thank you for all of your support!




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