L. Arts Mini-Spark #2: VocabAhead

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VocabAhead is a great resource to build your vocabulary.  Each video includes:

  • A word
  • A brief definition of the word
  • A picture along with a brief scenario that incorporates the word
  • The word again along with the definition

For this week’s Reading enRichment challenge, complete the following:

  • Watch a few of the videos on the VocabAhead website or from home download the free app here
  • Post a comment with a new word you learned along with the definition.  When leaving a comment, include your first name, grade, and school (i.e. Tyler, 5, Sunset)
  • Your Turn:  Pick a word to make your own VocabAhead-like video
  • Use Explain Everything, Haiku Deck, or another app of you choice to display your work
  • When finished, send your video to the EY coordinator at your building

13 thoughts on “L. Arts Mini-Spark #2: VocabAhead

  1. Throng: A large crowd of people, a great number.

    Turpitude: An instance of moral corruption or wickedness.

    Vow: A solemn promise, an oath to someone.

    Irk: To annoy or irritate someone

    Zealous: Showing extreme devotion or enthusiasm.

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