Week 5

This week 6th graders from Hillside and Westbrook used the app Educreations on the iPad to narrate a problem.  You can watch two sample videos by clicking here and here.  Educreations is a free app in the iTunes store.

We spent some time looking at the strategy of working backwards.  I let the students know that I always have to work backwards when I lose my keys, phone, etc.  Can you think of an everyday situation where you have to work backwards?  Please leave a comment and let us know!

Click here for the problems students used to practice the skill of working backwards.  As you can tell, the problems get really “wordy” so using another strategy (solving a simpler problem) can help us break the problem into smaller pieces.  See if your child can explain one of these problems to you.

We ended the week with an amazing seminar!  Check out some of the pictures here:  https://ey.westside66.org/?p=59




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