Who is Siri and Where Does She Live?

Siri, who let the dogs out?

At one point, my boys couldn’t get enough of Siri’s response to this question.  “Who, who, who, who?” she would reply and there would be laughter and begging to do it again and again.  At the time, Toby was 3 and he wanted to know all about Siri and where she was.  The conversation went something like this…

Toby:  Mom, who is Siri?

Me:  She helps answer questions that people have.

Toby:  Have you ever met her?

Me:  No, she’s not real.

Toby:  Where does she live?

Me:  Well, according to Siri, she lives right here in my phone.

The boys remembered that question a few days ago and asked Siri again, “Who let the dogs out?”  Her reply this time?  “Due to unforseen circumstances, that witticism has been retired.”

This morning, I got a notification that I had a new follower on Twitter…Susan Bennett (@SiriouslySusan) is a voice-over artist and singer.  She is also known as the voice of Siri.  Whaaat!?

Me: Hey boys!  Guess who just followed me on Twitter?  Siri!

Trea: (my 8-yr-old comedian) Mom, did you know Siri is a spider?

Me:  Huh?

Trea:  She lives on the web!

Oh the joys of raising kids in this ever changing technological world!  My boys will never know what the world was like pre-Siri.  What else will they never know existed?



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