Basketball, Bouncy Ball, and Golf Ball + Supernova = Physics!


Have you ever wondered how a basketball, bouncy ball, and golf ball are like a supernova?  Well, probably not, but this video will explain how they are alike using physics.  After watching, try this experiment for yourself and leave a comment on how it went.  For an added twist, try it with different types of balls too!  Physics is awesome!

15 thoughts on “Basketball, Bouncy Ball, and Golf Ball + Supernova = Physics!

    1. Ms. Spady, I watched a video and then we tried the experiment with a basketball, golfball and a bouncyball and it works!

  1. It’s pretty neat how the basketball actually transfers it’s energy to the ball on top of it and makes that ball go higher than it would of gone all by itself!

  2. Wowzers! I need to try that at home! We tried it in our classroom and the tennis ball went really high!

  3. Neat! It’s awsome that the tennis ball goes WAY higher then the golf ball by almost a 2 whole feet! This experiment was AWESOME!

  4. We had a basketball,tennis ball, and a golf ball and we dropped it in the classroom and the tennis ball went really high and it went higher than the golf ball. I learned so much from this video

  5. Our class tried this experiment and we saw that when you bounce just the basketball and the tennis ball, it goes way higher than the basketball and the golf ball. But I wonder what would happen if you did it with different balls?

  6. I watched the video and we tried part of it in the classroom. When we put the tennis ball on the basketball and the golfball on the tennis ball, the golf ball went the highest of them all. Then we tried just the tennis ball. It went super high. The only problem was that it was hard to balance. I had so much fun.

  7. We had a basketball, tennis ball, and a golf ball and we had them in a line. We dropped it and the golf ball went so high you could not see it!!!

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