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#99: Applications of Mathematics

I didn’t know you needed to know math for that!

Find out how math is used in movie graphics, roller coasters, swimsuit design, and so much more!

Spark your math thinking!

  1. Set up your math mini spark recording page: #99: Applications of Mathematics
  2. Explore this website and find a topic that interests you.
  3. In your math notebook, record the topic title and 1-2 interesting things you learned.
  4. Repeat until you have read and recorded information about 10 math topics.
  5.  Share your math mini spark recording page with your teacher/EY coordinator.

#98 Chocolate Math

Chocolate’s flavor is a combination of sweetness, bitterness, and creaminess that many people find irresistible. We celebrate national chocolate day in July every year. Check out this math mini spark to learn more about chocolate and math.

Spark your math thinking!

  1. Set up your math mini spark recording page: #98 Chocolate Math
  2. Read this Bedtime Math post about the world’s largest chocolate kiss!  Try one of the math questions on your recording page before scrolling all of the way down to see the answer.

A Day for Chocolate

3. Check out this math trick that reveals your age and how many times a week you like to eat chocolate at this chocolate math site.

4. Read about chocolate facts at this site. Create a math data page all about chocolate.

Fun Facts About Chocolate

5. Share your math mini spark recording page with your teacher/EY coordinator.

#97 The Mysterious Mobius Strip

Möbius strip, a one-sided surface that can be constructed by affixing the ends of a rectangular strip after first having given one of the ends a one-half twist.

Spark your math thinking!

  1. Set up your math mini spark recording page: #97 The Mysterious Mobius Strip
  2. Watch this introduction video. 
  3. Follow the steps on this site  to make  a Mobius strip.
  4. Take a picture after completing your mobius strip and add it to your recording page.
  5.  On your mini spark page, record interesting ideas from this mini spark.
  6. Share your math mini spark recording page with your teacher/EY coordinator

#96 Different Types of Numbers

Real or Imaginary? Rational or Irrational? In this Mini-Spark, you will learn about different types of numbers and their classifications.
Spark your math thinking!
  1. Set up your math mini spark recording page: #98 Chocolate Math
  2. Start by watching  this video

  3. Choose a worksheet version below to complete.

PDF Version

 Docs Version

4. Share your math mini spark recording page and your worksheet with your teacher/EY coordinator

Battle of the Books Middle School Reading list for 2025

Middle School 

Two Degrees – Alan Gratz

The List of Unspeakable Fears – J. Kasper Kramer

The Mona Lisa Vanishes – Nicholas Day

What Happened to Rachel Riley – Claire Swinarski

The Labors of Hercules – Gary D. Schmidt

Simon Sort of Says – Erin Bow

Max in the House of Spies – Adam Gidwitz

Tristan Song Punches a Hole in the Sky – Kwame Mbalia

Towers Falling – Jewell Parker Rhodes

Parachute Kids – Betty C. Tang

Social Studies Mini Spark #57-Could baby dinosaurs live in the Artic?

Scientists never thought that dinosaurs lived in the Arctic and Antarctic. But they were wrong! In the 1960s we started discovering dinosaur remains in these harsh environments. Read this article about dinosaurs to find out what scientist have discovered.
To earn this mini spark, answer each of these questions from the point of view of a baby dinosaur.

How did we find evidence of dinosaur reproduction in the Arctic?

Locate Prince Creek Formation on a map. How would you describe the winters here?

Why do we now think that both large and small dinosaur species lived in the Arctic year round?

We think that dinosaurs must have been well-adapted to survive the Arctic winter. What adaptations do we think they may have had?






2024 Junior Library Guild Bookmark Contest: Due May 13

2024 JLG Bookmark Contest

The National Library Week theme for 2024 is “Ready, Set, Library!” and from now until May 13, readers are encouraged to submit their very own JLG bookmark design!  Click here to learn more about the contest.


  1.  All designs must be submitted by an adult (librarian, media specialist, teacher, etc.) to be considered
  2. Each bookmark must depict a JLG Selection (past, present, or upcoming titles)
  3. Only one entry per reader
  4. ANY reader can submit an entry, even if their library is not subscribed to JLG 

Contest Winners

One winner will be chosen from each age group: elementary, middle, and high school.  The winning libraries will receive a $250 JLG backlist credit and have their winning design professionally printed on bookmarks for their entire school! Winning libraries will be contacted via email in May.

Early Enrichment #63 What to do with a box

Listen to this book written by Jane Yolen and Chris Sheban

Your challenge

What can you create with a box?

You can print off a challenge sheet to use or for a bigger challenge take the ABC challenge and use your imagination to turn a box, big or small, into anything at all. If you want to just do this on paper  instead of printing out the recording sheet these are what the two sheets look like.





Upcoming Events & Contests

January 8-19:  Qualifying Geography, Science, and History Bee Tests (taken in Science, History/Social Studies Class)

Friday, Feb. 9: Mad Hatter Quiz Bowl at ESU 3

Friday, Feb. 9: Science of Pour Painting and Printmaking

Saturday, February 10:  Marian High School Math Contest (girls only)

Monday, February 12: WMS History Bee (Warrior Time)

Tuesday, February 13: WMS Geography Bee (Warrior Time)

Friday, February 16: WMS Science Bee (Warrior Time)

Friday, February 23:  Virginia Frank Memorial Writing Contest due

Friday, April 19:  Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Competition

Tuesday, May 7: Extreme Math at ESU 3

Friday, May 10:  Middle School Battle of the Books at ESU 3


Thursday-Saturday, September 28-30: Code Crush at UNO for 8th Grade Girls Only

Friday, October 6: Mixed Media Grunge Cake Art Seminar with Julie Fjell (12pm – 3pm)

Tuesday, Oct. 10:  Middle School Science Olympiad at Gifford Farm

Week of October 23: Qualifying Spelling Test in ELA Classes

Friday, October 27: NPR Podcast Challenge Workshop

Wednesday, November 1: Deadline for Spooky Saga Creative Writing Contest

Friday, November 17: Thinking Cap Quiz Bowl Competition (9th Period & Warrior Time)

Monday, November 27: WMS Spelling Bee

Thursday, November 30: WE-SIDE Contests due

Friday, December 15: District Spelling Bee at WMS

Friday, December 15: The Stars and Stripes Forever Essay Contest due