#1 Math Minute


Wow…that’s a mouthful!  I wonder how many points that would be worth in Scrabble?  Explore the meaning of this bizarre sounding word by completing some Math Minutes this week!

How Can You Spend Your Math Minutes This Week?

  • Find out the meaning of zenzizenzizenzic by reading this short article.
  • Watch this You Tube Video about the Future Trends in Health Care.  Futurist Jack Uldrich talks about  zenzizenzizensic at about 5:50, but the video is full of so many great math concepts that it’s actually worth your time to watch the whole video.  After watching the video, post a comment about something new you learned.
  • Just for fun, find out how many points zenzizenzizensic would be worth in Scrabble.  Can you say zenzizenzizensic fast 5 times?


19 thoughts on “#1 Math Minute

  1. Woah! What a word! I did not even figure out how to pronounce it until I watched the video. I also did not know that it means two to the eighth power. Very cool.

  2. This word, zenzizenzizenzic, is only worth 72 points in scrabble, but it would probably hit some triple letters or words and double letters or words

  3. That is just weird. Why does this word even exist? This is what I’m thinking

    Zenzizenzizenzic = weird.

    I can understand why it’s obsolete.

    1. Why do you think zenzizinzizinzic is weird? It’s just a regular word-nothing strange about it….. Kind of.

  4. I learned if you get 1 cent and then double it each time you lose a tooth, you would get more money than you would if you got 5 dollars each time you lose a tooth.

  5. Before I read the passage and watched the video, I thought zenzizenzizenzic was a made up word and had trouble saying it!

  6. Zenzizenzizenzic is hard to say, but I think it makes healthcare more fun. Anyway, healthcare in the future sounds very advanced! Cool.

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