Early Enrichment #12: Building Strong Shapes

This is an easy, fun experiment to find out how strong different shapes are. Shape 1 sheet of paper into different shapes and see how much they can hold. We made a triangle, square, and cylinder.


A hypothesis is a special word that scientists use for “an idea that you can test,” it is also a kind of prediction. Make a hypothesis of which shape will hold a book best. Do you think a circle will be stronger than a square?

Test your hypothesis out! Does your shape hold more than one book?

Can you think of other shapes or structures that might be stronger? Share your ideas below!

Activity from  All for the boys 

6 thoughts on “Early Enrichment #12: Building Strong Shapes

  1. We were wrong. The cylinder held up the most books like I had told my buddies, but they bribed me to say square.

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