L. Arts Mini-Spark #19: 7 Fictional Places We Hope NEVER Host the Olympics!


Have you ever been frightened by places you’ve read about in books or seen in movies or on television?  What if those places were under consideration for hosting the Olympics?  Can you IMAGINE???

Go to the following link https://us7.campaign-archive.com/?u=373fbcef003d1c710e10416c5&id=3fa2154d7f&e=b5f06e1b02 and read the blog about the 7 fictional places that the author hopes NEVER hosts the Olympics.

Then, we’d like you to contribute.  Think about the most recent book you’ve read, or movie/tv show you’ve seen.   What fictional place do you hope never hosts the Olympics and why?  Please explain in the comments section below!

58 thoughts on “L. Arts Mini-Spark #19: 7 Fictional Places We Hope NEVER Host the Olympics!

  1. 1. Dale: I’m pretty sure you don’t want a dragon to ruin your day with fire.
    2. Dol Guldur: because I think no body wants orcs and ghosts running everywhere.
    3. The Maze: I don’t think anybody wants to be harmed by scary looking spiders called Grievers.

  2. Olympus because if zues sent some representatives and I they did bad in a event he would probably blast every body

  3. Chamber of Secrets: Not sure volleyball is so fun in a basilisk nest.

    Prison of Azkaban: Kinda hard to do a flip with dementors circling in.

    Tom Riddles’ House: Occupied….. By the dark lord.

  4. 1. Earth in world war z at least they can run a 400 meter dash
    2. Panem, the districts would be like countries
    3. Mars from the Martian (No water, no air, Intense heat, 5-year flight and over 9 billion dollar would probably not be a good place).

  5. Sword art online… The vr world where everyone gets stuck and if they got stuck what will happen to the people who enjoy watching the Olympics?!

  6. Sword art online the virtual reality world where they get stuck in and die if they die in game..! I mean seriously the monsters and stuff but also they won’t be able to do the olympics!!

  7. Soul Society: Because it has a Huge Area to do the Olympics, it has castles, a beautiful entrance, and there’s a lot of buildings to do some of the Olympics | The Soul Society Is From The Anime Bleach |

  8. Fallout’s Wasteland
    Because in infested with harmful chemicals, everyone would need gas-masks. They’d have to fend of waste landers and giant cockroaches!

  9. Location: World War Z
    Reason: I’m pretty sure you don’t want brain eating zombies running around crashing the Olympics and eating your brains out.

  10. Location: Journey 2: Mysterious Island

    Reason: Everything that’s small will be big and everything that’s big is small.

  11. A Goosebumps book should not be the setting for Olympics because it would be scary. You don’t want a clown scaring up on you.

  12. Transformers 3: Aliens attack NY city and there is UFO’s flying everywhere and hovering and any human seen get incinerated. I think you need people to do a sport…

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