20-21: Weekly Challenge #4 – Dot Challenge

Guess what?! It’s almost International Dot Day and we think it’s such a cool day that we made it into this week’s Weekly Challenge!

Step 1:  Watch “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.

Step 2: Pick a way to celebrate International Dot Day from the activities listed below!

Timed Creative Challenge

Don’t look at the challenge until you are ready to get started. Have an adult or a friend print this it off for you. You need a pencil or colored pencils and a timer set to 3 minutes.

Timed Creative Challenge Sheet

Dot book study guide and writing projects

This guide has discussion questions and writing prompts for you to try!

Dot Book Study Guide

Dot Engineering

Design and create a structure with simple materials.

Dot Engineering 

Dot Art

Learn about pointillism using this art mini lesson.

Dot Art

Dot  Birthdays

You will research famous people who have made their mark on our world with this dot activity.

Dot Birthdays 

Step 3: Create a product demonstrating what you learned from your activity/activities.
Step 4: Submit your product for this week’s Weekly Challenge using this link: https://forms.gle/YrsArCo4YSXSr3r29
NOTE: There is also a Dot Badge.  Check out the Recording Sheet here.

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