2014-15 District Spelling Bee

On Friday, November 21, the top 31 spellers from Westside Community Schools gathered for the District Spelling Bee.  Two spellers from each of the ten elementary schools and eleven spellers from the middle school participated.  After spelling transcutaneous and camelopard correctly, 7th grader Reese P. was determined the winner.  Graham W., 6th grader from Swanson, was the runner-up.  Reese will attend the 89th Midwest Spelling Bee on March 15th at the Omaha Public School Teacher Administration Building.

Elementary Winners:  
3rd Place:  Zach G. from Loveland
2nd Place: Andrew L. from Rockbrook
1st Place: Graham W. from Swanson

District Winners:
3rd Place: Justin S. from WMS
2nd Place: Graham W. from Swanson
1st Place: Reese P. from WMS

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