2015-16 Seminars, Contests, and Events

We are excited to offer a variety of opportunities this year.  All students are welcome to attend unless otherwise noted.  There will always be some sort of “ticket” that needs to be completed first.  The “ticket” might be a qualifying test or a project you develop.

Westside Schools often get invited to special contests (math contests, quiz bowls, etc.)  Those contests are not listed below, but make sure to check this site often for updates!

April 28: Science Olympiad-Ticket Due Tuesday, April 12 (Grades 3-4)

April 29: Film Seminar Due Friday, April 15 (Grade 6)

May 2:  Art Seminar Due Tuesday April, 12th (Grades 4-6)

May 7 (Saturday): Coder Dojo 9:30-11:30 at Westgate Elementary  Topic: TBD


September 3: Portfolio Pow-Wow (Tier II and III identified learners)

September 9: Coding Seminar (Grades 4-8)

September 10: German Seminar (Grades 5-6)

September 19: (Saturday) Coder Dojo (Grades K-6)

September 29: Invention Convention (Grades 5-6)

September 30: Invention Convention (Grades 2-4)

October 26 & 27: School Spelling Bees

October 29: Taking the Road Less Traveled @ Iowa State (WMS and WHS Girls)

November 11: Music with Andy Hackbarth (Grades 5-8)

November 17: Path to Personalization (Grades 4-6)

November 20: District Spelling Bee

November 21: (Saturday) Coder Dojo (Grades K-6)  FULL!

November 24: Quiz Bowl

December 2: Explore Computer Science Day at UNO (Grades 5-6)

December 14 & 15: School Geography Bees

January 20: Extreme Math Day for Grade 5  (Ticket Due January 8)

January 21: Elementary STEMinar (Grades 4 – 6) (Ticket Due January 8)

February 6 (Saturday): Coder Dojo 9:30-11:30 at Westgate Elementary  Topic: Bitsbox

March 10: Battle of the Books (click here for the book list)

March 11: District Speech Contest

March 12 (Saturday): Coder Dojo 1:00-3:00 at Westgate Elementary  Topic: Unplugged Coding Activities

March 22:  Westside/Ralston Battle of the Books

  • Congratulations to the top 4 teams from Westside’s BOTB competition on March 10.  They will compete against Ralston’s top 4 teams on March 22.
    • Rockbrook:  Rainbow Flying Bananas
    • Swanson:  The Noble Narwhals
    • Sunset Hills:  The Book Barbarians
    • Oakdale: Lightning Bolts

April 9 (Saturday): Coder Dojo 9:30-11:30 at Westgate Elementary  Topic: TBD


19 thoughts on “2015-16 Seminars, Contests, and Events

    1. Thanks for the question Chandler. Coder Dojo is a time where kids can come together and code! We’d love to have you at the one in November!

  1. In so excited for the invention convention. I am going to bring my own invention! It is glow in the dark bowling pins.

    1. Yes, hopefully the tickets for the art and film seminar will be posted in the next week or so. We’ve had a few changes in seminar locations due to the construction happening in our district.

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