2021-22 EY Challenge # 8

Countdown to Summer!

Summer is almost here and this EY Challenge is going to help you think of different ways to express and think of the numbers 20 to 1 as we countdown to summer!

Task:  Create a Google Slides presentation, Pic Collage, or use any other app on your iPad to create a graphic for 20 days, 19 days, 18 days, etc. (see picture below). NOTE:  If you don’t start this challenge until later this week or next week (or the following week), you don’t have to go back and do the ones that have already passed.  BUT, in order to be included in the prize drawing, you have to complete at least 15 days total.

When you are finished with your 15+ days, you can email them to Dr. Spady at spady.lynn @ westside66.net

Some resources that might help you…

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