#26: Fall Math


image taken from https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Design-fall.png

I love everything about fall…football, leaves changing colors, pumpkins, candy corn, and costumes!  This week’s Math Minute has a variety of activities to choose from.  Complete two of the activities and turn them into the EY coordinator at your building!

How can I spend my Math Minutes this week?

6 thoughts on “#26: Fall Math

      1. I don’t have any pictures but the sparkling water had the most change. It broke and got super thin! The vegetable oil had the least change. It looked cracked but it didn’t break a bit. The apple cider vinegar got super thin and the water kind of shrunk. In all the liquids the candy corns dissolved so there was orange in the liquid.

        1. That’s cool! We’ll be posting a Science Fair opportunity under Learners->Other Events & Contests soon. You should check it out!

    1. Cool! Thanks for letting us know Kate! You can always turn those things it to the EY Coordinator at your building or take a picture and send it via email. We love to hear about all the cool things you’re learning!

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