#3 Full STEAM Ahead: The Physics of Playing Guitar


image taken from http://theodysseyonline.com/stonehill/the-necessity-arts-education-why-you-cant-put-cap-creativity/141434

Google STEM and you’ll get over 200 MILLION results.  Google STEAM Education and you’ll get 112 MILLION results.  What’s the difference?  88 MILLION. 😉

But it’s more than that.  STEM leaves out the “A” which stands for Arts, and that’s a big omission!  As my favorite bumper sticker states…Without ART, the EARTH is just EH.

As the year goes on, we’ll study what STEAM Education means for you and your future.  For this week’s Full Steam Ahead, find out about the Physics of Playing Guitar by watching the video below.  What components of STEAM are discussed in this video?  What’s something new thing you learned?  Leave a comment below!

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