#36: Minimum Wage

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image taken from https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8a/US_minimum_wage_comparison_by_state.svg

My boys and I recently had a conversation about minimum wage and it got me thinking about my first job.  It was the late 1980’s and I was 13 years old.  I worked at Bishop’s Buffet rolling silverware in napkins and I made a whopping $2.15 an hour!

Here are some ways to spend some Math Minutes…
  1. Ask a parent, grandparent, or other adult what their first job was and how much they made per hour.  Post a comment using your first name only, grade, and school (i.e. Trevor, 6, Sunset)
  2. Look at this site and make a table of Nebraska’s minimum wage from 1968 to present.  BONUS:  Turn your data into a graph.
  3. Using the same site in #2, compare the minimum wage for 2-3 states.  Use this online graphing tool or another graphing tool of your choice.
  4. Read about Nebraska’s minimum wage at: https://www.minimum-wage.org/nebraska What kinds of jobs offer minimum wage?  Is $9.00 an hour sufficient?  Leave your comments below.

8 thoughts on “#36: Minimum Wage

  1. Really $9.00 a hour in 2016 is minimum wage! That’s not enough money to support you and if you have family not enough to support them.

  2. I had no idea that you were required to pay a certain amount to employees. I wonder what would happen if you paid them below the minimum wage.

  3. I can’t believe that in 1968 people only got $1.00 an hour!! And now workers get $9.00 an hour and 18,720.00 a year! But I also thought it would be more then $9.00.

  4. Wow, someone must be really cheap if they wanna pay you $9.00 and hour! What would happen if someone payed you less than the minimum wage? Would they go to jail or what?

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