3rd Grade SciFest Opportunity

Calling all 3rd Graders Interested in Science…
We want to take YOU to Nebraska SciFest!

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At the 2015 Nebraska Science Festival Expo, students will experience fun and engaging learning opportunities.  Throughout the afternoon, students will find answers to an array of science-related questions through hands-on activities, presentations and demonstrations.

We will take 14 students on Thursday, April 16 and 14 different students on Friday, April 17.  In order to be considered to attend this event, you must complete the following activity by February 4.  If you are chosen to attend, you will receive a permission form with more information.

Thank you for your interest!

This opportunity is no longer available.

However, you’re still welcome to check out the wonders below!

Read the following 3 Wonderopolis articles and then answer the questions on the Google Form (linked below).

  1. http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/where-are-the-la-brea-tar-pits/
  2. http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/what-makes-popcorn-pop/
  3. http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/can-you-only-see-the-moon-at-night/

One thought on “3rd Grade SciFest Opportunity

  1. I learned that La Brea Tar is a trap which looks like mud that traps animals strong as elephants! The tar is also strong enough to hold an animal for one or two years. You can find lots of information about tars in Los Angeles, California, in the Page Museum. People who find animals that have been stuck in the tar are told to inform the Page Museum. The most tars existed were in the ice age. The Brea Tar is one amazing animal capturer, and an interesting topic.

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