#6 Full STEAM Ahead: Cardboard Challenge


Image from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_Cardboard

Mrs. Spady, the EY team should bring back the Cardboard Game seminar from a couple years ago.  That was really fun! ~Tallie, 6th grader

Some of you remember the Creative Problem Solving seminar 2 years ago where students created an arcade game out of cardboard boxes.  Caine’s Arcade is where the idea first started and you can check out Caine’s story by clicking here.

For this week’s Full STEAM Ahead challenge, create your own arcade game using materials from around your house.  There’s not need to go out and buy materials.  Be creative and re-purpose things you already have.  You can watch the videos linked below for some ideas.  When you are finished, take a picture of your game and send it to the EY coordinator at your building.  Better yet, bring the game to school and have your friends play it!  Happy creating!


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