#69: The Snowiest February

Who knew SNOWIEST was even a word?!

What was the  SNOWIEST February of all time?

Spark your math thinking!

  1. Set up your math mini spark recording page: #69: The Snowiest February
  2.  Use this information page from UNL and find the snowiest February in Lincoln.
  3. Create 1, 2, or 3 different graphs to display the data above from Omaha or data from the UNL site if you prefer.  Use the Create-A-Graph website to make a graph of the data.  Be sure to include a title and label your axes.
    • Top 5 Snowiest Februarys
    • The Top 5 Snowiest Winter Seasons (Dec-Jan-Feb)
    • Top 5 Snowiest Winters (Jul 1- Jun 20).
  4. Take a look at the graphs in the image below.  For a larger image of the graphs, click here.  The information in the blue box is particularly helpful in reading the graphs.  Answer any of the following questions by leaving a comment and/or leave a question for someone else to answer.
    • How many times in January/February 2019 did the temperature range fall mainly in the record highs?  What about the record lows?
    • On how many dates was the temperature range very small (short blue bar)?
    • How many times did the temperature range fall in the average section (green)?
    • What do you find interesting about these graphs?


5. Share your math mini spark recording page with your teacher/EY coordinator.

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