#9: Tangram Art

Spark your math thinking!

  1. Set up your math mini spark recording page: #9: Tangram Art
  2. Watch this intro video. Write the tangram rules and puzzle shapes on your recording page.
  3. Try out this a tangram puzzle site with challenges to stretch your thinking.  Choose 3 puzzles to solve. Add a picture of your finished puzzles to your recording sheet.
  4. Tangram art! Choose a tangram animal or shape that you would like to use for an art piece. Watch this video before you start. Supplies needed: Ask your EY teacher for a plastic tangrams set, your choice of crayons, markers, watercolors, or colored pencils, and paper.
  5. Share your math mini spark recording page and your art piece with your teacher/EY coordinator.

Check out the Tangram Badge at the EY website. 

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