A House for a Mouse??


It was awesome to see all of the EY students again after the summer break!  This week we spent time jumping right into our first quarter concept:  Exploration!  This theme lends itself to a whole host of areas, but we are focusing on creative problem solving for now.  This will also lead us into our Creative Problem Solving seminar coming up on Friday, Sept. 26th (more details on that to follow shortly).

During EY small group, students were given the challenge of building a house (or room of a house) for a mouse and then had to present their house/room as realtors selling to a mouse family (played by Mrs. Skaggs).   The creative juices were definitely flowing as mouse structures were popping up everywhere!  Who knew mice these days enjoy refrigerators filled with cheese, cookies for life (with your house purchase), and even a mouse potty!  Check out the photos below for some amazing mouse-inspired architecture!

photo                            mouse 6                   Mouse 5     mouse 4         mouse 3         mouse 1

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