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2020-21 Weekly Challenge #13: Word Art

Week of November 16-20

For this week’s Weekly Challenge, you will be creating a piece of word art using the following website:

Some ideas for your Word Art:

  • Type your name and your family members/friends’ names
  • Type the things you are thankful for
  • Type your favorites (food, music, color, artist, subject, etc.)
  • Type in the names of your favorite books/characters
  • Type in words associated with your favorite seasons

Suggestion…Create several different pieces of word art using the website and experiment with different shapes, fonts, colors, etc.  After you’ve created a few, submit your favorite creation using this link:

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #12: Paper Plate Design

For this week’s Weekly Challenge, you are going to create something using a paper plate.

When you’re finished with the challenge, submit your work using the Google Form:
Take it a step further and complete the STEAM with Paper Plates Badge:
 Google Docs Version:
PDF Version:

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #11: Organizing Data

We are surrounded by information (data) and it’s important to organize it into presentable and easy to understand ways!
For this week’s Weekly Challenge, you are going to display some information.  You can choose the topic and the way you represent it.   You must also include 5 questions that can be answered from your information.
If you need some inspiration, you can watch The Great Graph Contest.

When you’re finished with the challenge, submit your work using the Google Form:


2020-21 Weekly Challenge #10: If I had a million…

If I had a million…

For this week’s Weekly Challenge, you will explore the length of ONE MILLION objects.  You have two options for your recording sheet:  you can either print a copy or fill out a digital version.

When you’re finished with the challenge, submit your work using the Google Form:

For inspiration, listen to How Much Is A Million by David M. Schwartz.


2020-21 Weekly Challenge #8: Character Quotes

For this week’s Weekly Challenge, follow these simple steps…

Step 1:  Download Adobe Spark Post for Graphics from Manager.  Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to login.  You can also go to on a computer.

Step 2:  Create a new project that includes a quote from a character in a book you’ve read or from a book you’re currently reading.  Be sure to add the title of the book and the author.

Step 3:  Download your project and submit it here:

Don’t forget to check back next week to see the highlighted projects!


2020-21 Weekly Challenge #7: Book Review and Tweet

This week’s Weekly Challenge has you sharing a 60 second (or less) book commercial on Flip Grid for a book you’ve read or one that you’re currently reading.  Then, you can create a tweet from a character in your book using the Google Slides template linked below.

Step 1: Decide on a book you’ve read or have read in the past and create a 60 second (or less) commercial for it.  Record your commercial on Flip Grid using the link below.  All videos will be reviewed before they are made public.  If you DO NOT want your video posted on Flip Grid for others to see, please say, “No post” at the end of your video.

Flip Grid Link:

Step 2: Create a tweet from a character in your book using the template linked below.  Share the Google Slides template so that anyone within Westside Community Schools can view.  Copy the link and include it in your Flip Grid submission. Here is a guide for you to use to help with your tweet creation

Tweet  Creation Guide:

Tweet from a Character’s Point of View (Google Slides template):

2020-21 Weekly Challenge #6: Musical Glasses

Musical glasses are a fun way to combine

Art, Math, Music & Science!

For this week’s weekly challenge, you’ll need a few materials.  Feel free to experiment with other materials you have at home as well.
  • 8 identical water glasses
  • water
  • a set of measuring cups
  • food coloring (optional)
  • 1 plastic spoon
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • Tape
  • pen/pencil


  1. Use a measuring cup to fill each of the glasses with the correct amount of water. Use the image below as a guide.
  2. For fun, you can add a drop of food coloring to your glasses or two drops to make green, orange, or purple.
  3. Label your glasses.  Use the image below as a guide.
  4. With a plastic spoon, gently tap each glass and listen for the sound it makes.
  5. Notice which glass makes a lower sound and a higher sound.
  6. Try playing these simple songs or create your own.

For your submission, you can make a video of yourself playing a song with your glasses or you can create a Pic Collage with pictures of your process.  You may also choose another creative way to display your learning.  Submit your work using the link below.

Submission Link:

The SCIENCE behind the MUSIC

The science of sound is all about vibrations. When you hit the glass with the spoon, it vibrates and it’s these vibrations that ultimately make the sound. You probably noticed that tapping an empty glass produced a higher-pitched sound than tapping a glass full of water. Adding water to the glass dampens the vibrations created by striking the glass with a spoon. The less water in the glass, the faster the glass vibrates and the higher the pitch. The more water you add to the glass, the slower the glass vibrates, creating a lower pitch.

Activity adapted from Musical Water Glasses at and

2020-21: Weekly Challenge #5 – Stopmotion

stop-mo·tion noun

For this week’s Weekly Challenge, create a stop motion video. Watch the 2 videos below or find your own resources on how to create one.

Submit your video for this week’s Weekly Challenge by Friday, September 25 at 12:00 pm.

20-21: Weekly Challenge #4 – Dot Challenge

Guess what?! It’s almost International Dot Day and we think it’s such a cool day that we made it into this week’s Weekly Challenge!

Step 1:  Watch “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.

Step 2: Pick a way to celebrate International Dot Day from the activities listed below!

Timed Creative Challenge

Don’t look at the challenge until you are ready to get started. Have an adult or a friend print this it off for you. You need a pencil or colored pencils and a timer set to 3 minutes.

Timed Creative Challenge Sheet

Dot book study guide and writing projects

This guide has discussion questions and writing prompts for you to try!

Dot Book Study Guide

Dot Engineering

Design and create a structure with simple materials.

Dot Engineering 

Dot Art

Learn about pointillism using this art mini lesson.

Dot Art

Dot  Birthdays

You will research famous people who have made their mark on our world with this dot activity.

Dot Birthdays 

Step 3: Create a product demonstrating what you learned from your activity/activities.
Step 4: Submit your product for this week’s Weekly Challenge using this link:
NOTE: There is also a Dot Badge.  Check out the Recording Sheet here.