Diff Tip-Welcome!

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This blog space will give us a chance to share ideas and resources to assist you in the task of differentiating for learners in your classroom.

The next several posts will be from Ian Byrd, an educator from California who is on the list of presenters at the Nebraska  Association for the Gifted (NAG) spring conference at the end of the month. His website, Byrdseed.com, has tons of resources to help teachers differentiate for students.

In the video lesson below, Ian shares a few ways that he teaches idioms in his classroom and how he extends his lesson for high ability learners. Go beyond spelling and vocabulary lists and enrich your students’ language with an in-depth study of idioms!

Please watch this short video (8:02) and then post an idea/thought/response.  All teachers who respond will be entered into a drawing for a gift card at the end of the month!



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