Inventions Invented!

We have been turning out some amazing inventions over the past couple weeks.  From Natural Powered Robo Hands to zip line drink carriers, we have broken into new frontiers in the world of invention!  One of our focused invention builds was based on “junk” items found around the house.  The students were asked to use at least 10 items and create a unique invention from those items.  It is amazing to see what can be produced from the simplest of objects!

photo 02                          photo 03         photo 01                       View “junk” invention in action:  IMG_2933

The students  jumped into the role of structural engineers in order to design and build the strongest bridge possible from 25 straws, tape, and paper clips.  We focused on the engineering design process (an 8 step process) to find a solution to the challenge.  Their design creations were all so unique and all withstood the test of weights ranging from washers to dictionaries!  Here are a few examples…

photo 06            photo 07    photo 09


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