Early Enrichment #23: Dream Learning Spaces

Our school district is going through a lot of changes, and classrooms will begin to look very different over the next few years. Have you ever imagined your classroom looking different?

Would you have cool seating in your classroom?

Seats  Seats2

Image Source A       Image Source B

What about a place to create?


Image Source C

How will you showcase your learning?


Image Source D

Are you like me, and like quiet areas to read?

Reading Nook

 Image Source E

Here’s your chance to become an architect and design your new learning space. 

Design your dream classroom or learning space. Grab a poster and other materials to create your new learning space. You can add whatever features you think would help your learning, but make sure to include  the following:

(1) A place to collaborate or work with your classmates

(2) A area to create and make things 

(3) A space to showcase your learning

(4) A quiet area to work and read

Share your designs with your EY Coordinator.

We will post the top designs on our Student Showcase!



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