Language Arts Mini Spark #65: Spelling Bee Prep

Let’s get ready for spelling bee season. Choose an activity or two from the choices below.
1. Watch this video, pause to write the word that you think is correct. Check your work as you go , Spend at least 3 minutes doing this activity.

2. Make sure you know how to pronounce all of the words from this list. You can use the internet to help you with this. Type in the word and the word “pronounce” and it will pop up for you.
        #1 Start with the first five words.
       #2 Whisper spell each one 5 times.
       #3 Now practice spelling one word one at a time.
                Look at one word quickly then close your eyes and spell the word.                 Open your eyes and check your spelling from the list.
        #4 Keep practicing until you can spell all 5 correctly.
         #5 Repeat with the next 5 on the list.
3. Find practice words. Look through the choices and find the list that is right for you
grade 3  grade 4   grade 5   grade 6   grade 7  grade 8
Choose 10 words from the grade level that suits you.  Create a study guide. and study. When you are ready, have a teacher, parent, or peer give you a spelling test over the 10 words you choose. Submit your results and the study guide to your teacher or EY coordinator.
Happy Spelling!

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