Language Arts Mini Spark #73- Greek and Latin Roots

Improve your spelling and understanding of  words while doing this Language Arts Mini Spark.

Watch this video. As you are watching pause the video as needed to write down at least 10 root words and at least 5 affixes and their meanings.


Study this image 

Use these activities to learn these words.
Make flash cards for each of the pink and blue buttons. On one side put the root and the other side put the meaning. Study the cards.
Then look at the word list and find the matching set of cards for each.
Learn how to pronounce the 12 words.  You can do this by typing in the word into your search bar and then typing “pronounce”.  Practice each word several times.
Memorize the spellings of these 12 words. When you are ready, have a friend quiz you on the spellings. You can write them on paper or say the letters aloud.

Lesson idea adapted from Khan and SpellPundit

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