Metro Reading Council Writing Contest

Calling All Writers!

The Metro Reading Council is taking submissions for their 2014-2015 writing contest.

Deadline is December 15, 2014

Intermediate Prompt (4th-12th grade):  Write a story about our world in the future. What would this world be like for young people? Is life better or worse?  Click here for the rules and submission form.

Primary Prompt (K-3rd):  Tell a story about a talking animal. Does the animal talk to you or other humans? Or does your animal just talk to other animals? Be sure to describe the animal in your story.  Click here for the rules and submission form.

4_12WritingContest K-3WritingContest

Westside Community Schools does not sponsor or endorse the organization or activity described here.  The sharing of this information is provided as a community service.

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