Problem + Solution = Innovation!

So many problems in the world…so many solutions yet to be discovered!  We have spent the first part of the 3rd quarter jumping into the topics of science and innovation.  With so many topics falling under the science umbrella, we are focused on narrowing the field to ideas that intrigue and inspire a quest to know more.  During the past week, students were given a problem and asked to be solution innovators.

The problem:   Take a ping pong ball from one end of a zip line to the other in 4 seconds or less.

They were given a variety of materials such as cups, tape, cardboard, washers, straws, fishing line and more to combine together to create the solution.  It was amazing to see the variations that emerged through the same set of materials…many solving the problem.  This was also a lesson in determination and perseverance, as often times the first attempts failed.  Sometimes a hard lesson, but one that even the greatest of innovators have learned.

See video examples here:  zip line     zip line Oakdale       zip line Oakdale 2Oakdale 6th zipline

zip line

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