SNOW DAY Bonus Learning Opportunity

Rube Goldberg adjective: doing something simple in a very complicated way that is not necessary

Have you ever heard of Rube Goldberg?  This video will give you some basics and will also provide you with some examples.

This Sesame Street video shows a Rube Goldberg machine shooting a basketball.

Here’s a very elaborate Rube Goldberg machine:

What information can you find out about Rube Goldberg?  Learn something new, share your ideas, and don’t forget to cite your sources!

7 thoughts on “SNOW DAY Bonus Learning Opportunity

  1. I think that it’s amazing that a band would use Rube Goldberg in their music video! Pop culture has turned to using inappropriate things in their music videos these days, but this band brings back a simple part of history that we all know and love.
    I’ve always wanted to build my own Rube Goldberg machine, but my mother would just complain that ‘it’s too messy…’

  2. The Rube Goldberg video located at [] includes examples of all simple machines. Rube Goldberg videos such as it are always highly entertaining, and I am glad that sixth grade EY students will have the opportunity to create them in class time. I have already created a few simple Rube Goldberg machines using common household items, toys, and dominos, and continuously browse Rube Goldberg videos on YouTube. Rube Goldberg machines are perfect for learning the basics of engineering and mechanics. Rube Goldberg rocks!!

  3. I wish my basketball team could use that Rube Goldberg basketball machine. The videos I watched are very fascinating. They inspire me to make cool machines as well. Check out the Rube Goldberg website–it is also great.

    Mo Rocca was the interviewer in one of the videos. I showed my dad the video, and he told me that he is friends with Mo’s brother, Larry. They all graduated from the same high school in Maryland. My dad also told me that Mo is very smart and graduated from Harvard.

  4. I thought it was really cool how the people participating in the Rube Goldberg competition could do something that complicated. They turned something from very easy into extremely hard. you have to be super smart to do those kinds of things!

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