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2020-21 WMS Spelling Bee Information

Can you spell these 10 hard to spell words in the English language?

If so, you might be a contestant at the 2020-21 WMS Spelling Bee!

Due to COVID, this year’s spelling bee at WMS will look a little different.
All 7th graders will take the qualifying test during their Language Arts class.  If you are one of the top qualifiers, Dr. Spady will email you to verify whether or not you want to participate in the School Bee.
Any 8th grader interested in taking the qualifying spelling bee test needs to fill out this Google Form by Tuesday, Nov. 24.  You will then receive a link to a WebEx call that will be held on December 2.  During that call, you will take the test virtually.
In the meantime, feel free to practice spelling words from the lists linked below.
grade 7
grade 8

Thank You Notes

The other day I was thinking about ways my boys and I could serve our community and I continually found myself making excuses like…We’re too busy, we can’t all go to the same place, businesses are not allowing volunteers at this time, etc.  But then I was reminded by one act of service that we could all participate in…writing thank you notes!  Do you know a Veteran? Maybe another person that works in our community?  A first responder?  A teacher?  A custodian?  Writing a heart-felt note to someone thanking them for their service is a great way to display your leadership, character and citizenship.  If you end up writing some notes, I’d love to receive a picture from you letting me know how it went!
If you want some information on how to write a thank-you note, check out this post on the EY Website:

Student Voices Storytelling Project-Deadline Nov. 6

Nebraska Loves Public School presents…

Student Voices

Student Voices is a new exploratory storytelling project featuring students in Nebraska. Modeled after Humans of New York, this project will allow students to express their voice on issues impacting their education and everyday lives.

Students will tell a story about something important to them (i.e extracurricular activities, how current events are affecting them, their goals for the future, etc.) They will then upload 3-4 pictures to facilitate the story.

These Student Voices stories will be featured on Nebraska Loves Public Schools site and social media alongside selected students across the state.

Our Westside students have great stories to tell and we would love to see some of them featured! The deadline for the first round of Student Voices is Friday, November 6.  This project is open to all students K-12.

Please write your story on this Student Voices form and have your guardian fill out the release at the end. Take a look at the sample images for help in selecting your photos.

Math Counts Team (7th and 8th Grade)

MATHCOUNTS provides engaging math programs to US middle school students of all ability levels to build confidence and improve attitudes about math and problem solving.

Check out these sample questions:

The WMS Math Counts Team is forming now!  If you’re interested, take the 10-question qualifying test linked below.  NOTE: You are not obligated to join the Math Counts Team if you take the qualifying test, however, there will be a prize for the top 3 scores on the test!

Take the qualifying test by Oct. 15 to be considered for the team and to be entered for the prize drawing!

Qualifying Test Link:

Answers to Sample Problems: 5/16 and 3 1/2 hours


The Hardest Math Problem Student Contest (Grades 5-8)

The Hardest Math Problem Student Contest is an annual competition presented by Scholastic, The Actuarial Foundation, and the New York Life Foundation that challenges grades 6–8 students to solve multistep, grade-appropriate math problems with real-world situations and engaging characters. NOTE: 5th graders are eligible to participate by reaching to a higher grade level!
  • Contact your EY Coordinator to get a copy of your grade level challenge question.  NOTE: All students are invited to take an extra challenge and submit entries at either their current grade level or above. They may submit one entry per question they are grade-eligible to answer. For example, a 5th grader may submit up to three entries, one each at the 6, 7, and 8 levels.
  • Students must provide a mathematically correct answer to a challenge in order to receive an invitation to compete in Challenge 2 with an even more difficult problem.
  • Entries Due Nov. 23.  Your EY Coordinator will submit your entry.

2020 Code Crush – 8th Graders Only

Many of you have heard about Code Crush at UNO and now is the time to apply!  Applications are due October 4.

  • 8th and 9th-grade students from the Midwest who are interested in the future of Information Technology are invited to apply.
  • A teacher nomination is needed so contact Dr. Spady, Dr. Bolamperti, or Mrs. Shabram if you’re interested in applying.
  • The 2020 fall Code Crush experience will be held Nov. 5-7 and will be online.  Check out the link below for details.