L. Arts Mini-Spark #17: Word Fit Puzzle App

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It’s time to slash and burn your way through the competition of Word Fit Puzzle! It’s more like swipe and drag, but it’s no less thrilling or satisfying when you dominate the Word Puzzle battlefield! The action is fast and intense, it has to be, because the clock is ticking and it’s not your friend unless you’re quick thinking and lightning with the swipe and the drop!

Word Fit puzzle is a new generation of crossword puzzle game (sometimes known as Criss-Cross). There are no clues, only words to choose, spaces to fill, and plenty of quick thinking competition to battle! Who’s the competition? Yourself!  Beat your own times and learn some new words while you’re at it!

This isn’t just playtime, though!  Each time you play a round, find a word from your puzzle that is unfamiliar to you.  Take the time to look up the definition and post it in the comments section below.

Click here to download this free app!

Learn and enjoy!


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