#20 Math Minute: Take Me Out to the Ball Game


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Take Me out to the Ball Game!

The baseball/softball season is upon us and what better way to prepare for the fun than by studying the ways in which math is used in these fine sports?!

How can I spend my Math Minutes this week?
  1. Watch this video below about Baseball Batting Averages.  Post a comment about something new you learned from the video.
  2. Calculate batting averages using this worksheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B59p7nLR3kODanp4bE9mOHJ2Uk0  Turn in your completed worksheet to the EY Coordinator at your building.  Worksheet Source: http://baseballhall.org/hall-of-famers/future-eligibles#2017-eligibles
  3. There are many graphs that display baseball data.  Find a graph and summarize the data.  Turn your graph and summary into the EY Coordinator at your building.
  4. Look at the graph below and write 5 summary sentences about the data.  Find out some additional information about any one of the players listed in this graph.  Graph Source: http://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2014/06/rip-tony-gwynn-baseballs-best-hitter-in-the-last-60-years/372860/


5 thoughts on “#20 Math Minute: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  1. I learned that in order to find a batting average you divide the number of hits by plate appearances subtracted by sac flies and balls. If the decimal is more than three numbers you round to the thousandth.

  2. I learned that after you divide your number, you multiply your number by 1000 to get your real average.

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